Separating from your baby after only a few weeks of their birth can be an emotional time. Although it is necessary, but it doesn’t make it any less easy. At Kingdom Kare we put your anxiety to rest as we create an environment where your baby’s care is as important to us as it is to you. We focus closely on encouraging free movement, motor skill development and social skill growth all in a loving and caring environment. ​


Such an inquisitive and energetic time in your child’s life as they explore and expand their knowledge of the world and their own individuality. We’re overjoyed to be a part of this maturation in your child’s development and helping them to expand and grow. No two are like. That is why we encourage them to develop their individuality as they increase in their growth and development. ​


Every parent wants the reassurance that they child is prepared as they move from one stage in their development to another. Kingdom Kare Learning Center’s program prepares your child to learn as they move into regular school. During this critical time in your child’s development, we will focus on developing a well-rounded child equipped and prepared in the areas of literacy, motor skills, fine motor skills, social skills, math science, art/crafts and computer skills. 

After-School and ​Summer Enrichment Program

We’re excited to offer our After-School and ​Summer Enrichment Program that offers a vast array of fun and adventurous activities to engage your kids in a safe, caring and secure environment. We have put together a great program of indoor and outdoor activities and provide them with healthy nourishing meals. The After-School and Summer Enrichment Program’s flexibility is designed around your schedule. Whether it is all or part of the day, only for a few weeks or all summer long, we work with you and what best suits you and your kids’ needs.


The Kingdom Kare Learning Center provides a quality educational program for a diverse population of children with widely varying levels of development and ability by following the High Scope curriculum. Here at the Kingdom Kare Leaning Center, adults and children are partners in learning. Through active participatory learning, young children construct their knowledge of the world – finding out how the world works through their own direct experience with people, objects, materials, events, and ideas.

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